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Thread: Bad back injury,need help to get back into the gym.

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    Default Bad back injury,need help to get back into the gym.

    Hi,a few weeks ago i had a real bad back spazsm after a big deadlift,after now having a scan i have bulging disk with a radial tear. I have not been near the gym to do weights for about 6 weeks now and its killing me slowly.

    Has anbody here suffered a similar injury and how did you get over it???

    My biggest issue is i cant sit down,ive been trying to keep my cardio up but cycling puts too much pressure on it,crosstrainer seems to twist me too much,running too much impact so the only thing at the mo is walking. And any weight training strain seems to really aggrevate it

    Its so slow recovering and its really getting me down,im Mr Grumpy if i cant gym.

    My main questions are in regards to someone whos sufferd this,did u find certain excersises helpfull???certain supplements??any medication you found that helped..chemical and herbal.

    Any help whatsoever would be so appriciated as im lost with this one.


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    I had a bad back strain a 2 weeks ago, obviously nothing as bad as what you are going through and for 10 days i couldn't even carry my 1 year old son so i know what mean about not being in the gym is killing you as it did me. Same thing for me i could not sit or it will hurt my back even more but i listened to the doctor and took the time off. Even though i have never went through what you have my best advice to you would be to listen to the doctor or qualified physician even though it may not be what you want to hear but think long term.

    Good luck with your recovery bro

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