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Thread: Cant get chest to burn-can you help?

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    Default Cant get chest to burn-can you help?

    Hi Fellas,

    I have been hitting the gym pretty hard and consistent for the last 3 months (been working out for 7 years). My entire body has gotten bigger, i have gained over 8 pounds and am stronger than ever. I do 12 sets (4x3 or 3x4 depending on the muscle) of each and i know what i am doing is working great for me. My only issue is 1 thing. My Chest, i feel like my chest is lagging (my wife says its gotten bigger). Whenever i do any other muscle other than chest i feel it burn and feel my muscle being worked. However for chest i never get that feeling, yes i feel sore then next 2-3 days but during the workout i don't get that pump i get in ever other muscle even when i got heavy and yes i am doing the correct form and everything. Just like every other muscle in my body my chest has gotten much stronger and i am able to lift a lot more than i used to. When working out every other muscle and i get that pump and that burning feeling it, puts me in that "beast" mode so to speak, not getting that pump or burn has made chest my most hated work out day.

    My chest workout consists of

    Guillotine bench press
    Dumbbell/Bench press
    Dumbbell flies
    Decline dumbbell
    cable flies
    cable press

    I do not do all of these at the same time but i keep rotating between 4 of these at a time

    Any suggestions anyone?

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    Higher reps, less weight.

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