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Thread: Hello Ric! A few questions of interest.

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    do you know other stars of yesterday who served in Vietnam( besides Robby ofcourse)? Saw an old article where he told he was nearly killed in an ambush. He survived just because he was under some not so lucky fellow soldier and covered w blood..... said charlie came afterwards looking for survivors by sticking rendomly w bayonets. He too got stabbed but managed to stay still....... anyway physigue wise I think Robby was close to perfection. As usual w blacks his calves were not that great but no other flaws , to me at least.
    I know I ask a lot. But I´m among the oldest members here and this is something from my earliest memories about bbuilding ( the stars of your time ).
    Hope you endure .....
    want explode your head? smoke dynamite

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    I most likely know most of them. They've all passed thru the gym from one time or another. Now at Gold's North Hollywood a lot of Actors/Producers there as well. Robert Patrick, Eric Roberts, and Hulk were there today.

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