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Thread: Choose who you want to be?

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    Lol. One day well see a pic of buf.. One day!

    Kevin levrone
    Golden age
    And probably arnie!
    I'd rather be riding my motorbike thinking about god than sitting in church thinking of my motorbike. Amen to that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Rhodesians View Post
    I wanna look like Bufbiker
    where's his pic???

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    1. Frank Zane
    2. Golden Age
    3. I'd have to say Arnold, there's definitely none more famous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    Heath looks way too big, you seen him in real life?
    Hes not really that big when you stand next to him, I met him in April together with Larissa Reis, Flex Lewis and Dennis James.
    Dennis is HUGE, much taller and bigger than Phil.
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    No Guts - No Glory.
    Pain is temporary - Pride is forever.
    Dont do drugs, dont have unprotected sex, dont be violent - leave that to me.

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