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Thread: Mayweather vs. Cotto - Thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadman walking View Post
    Boxing much like MMA these days has very little to do with the talent,it is all about the money.It is a big business and that is all it is these days,i am talking across the board.Sure there are some very talented boxers out there but the game has gone all cotract specific and politically correct to the point where it has lost its edge IMHO.I do not blame the talent,just everybody else.
    I got a simple way out of it,just before fight get both fighters to sign a contract saying they will not hold the other responsible for any injuries/death caused.Then get in the ring and swing for the fences,lets really see who is best.And what is with the 12mths between big fights? Bring back old school where you had to defend your title at least two/three times per twelve months.
    BTW Mayweather reminds me of Naseem Hamed in being cocky and full of crap,somebody please ***** slap him and shut him up.
    its all about safety these days and the doctors say that there has to be proper time elapsed between fights for concusion reasons. Shit look at the NFL now and all those fucking sissy ass rules. Shit you cant even be a hard hitter anymore with shit calls like "the defensless reciever hits"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazcat View Post
    I'd like to see boxing revamp rules and not allow clinches ala the old PKA fights. It gets old watching two guys staggering around not throwing anything then one punch at the same time where the both miss and then clinch for 20 seconds and the ref can't get them apart for another 20 seconds. After that they do it all again.
    that would be more like K-1 does now; they don't allow the clinch

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