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Thread: JDS beats Mir and Cain beats bigfoot

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    Default JDS beats Mir and Cain beats bigfoot

    JDS just showed great skill, Mir looked like he came to the wrong even. Mir should stick to maybe rolling with other guys on the ground, because he's outclassed by top HW talent in the UFC.

    Cain put on a good show, pounded the overrated bigface , I mean bigfoot.

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    And i'm $100 up!

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    Mir's time is long gone... Funny too because he's not that old. He will NEVER be HW champion again.

    "pounded the overrated bigface" rofl. I agree.

    I see JDS vs Cain 2 in our future.

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    Hey guys new in the forum here an was happy to see a UFC thread .

    I fell sorry for Mir after see him kick big nog ass 2 time I thoug he was improveming butt then I saw he has gain wieg in the jds fight then I knew the battle was lost.! The best fight have to be Mir vs big nog #1.

    Cain in my mind is the all round fighter of all time he got everything 1 punch ko a blast of a grund game high amount of staminer to bad he lost the jds fight i like to se the fight go on the grund then I think the belt will still be at Cain.


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