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Thread: Women & Muscle by Eli VOlk

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    Default Women & Muscle by Eli VOlk

    Women & Muscle by Eli VOlk
    (THis was taken by Women & Muscle by Eli Volk)

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    "Generally, women, more than men, tend to overtrain and not eat enough. Most women bodybuilders spend hours on the cardio deck in addition to weight training 2 hours four to six days a week. Many women weightlifters follow training regimes they see in their favorite muscle magazine entailing 10 or more sets per body part. Because women have lower baseline levels of testosterone than men, women possibly may require less volume than men for better recovery. Adding numerous hours of cardio on top of that most likely leads to overtraining. As well, most women do not eat enough for muscle growth for fear of gaining body fat."

    "Steroid use amongst female bodybuilders (fbbs) has had several trickle-down effects on women and weight lifting. Many times have I heard unknowing women state that they do not want to partake in weight training because they "don’t want to get ‘big’". They equate weight lifting with the extreme muscle mass of the professional fbbs they see in many of the muscle magazines. They hear the taunts of their boyfriends or husbands claiming these fbbs look like men and are undesirable. Does this sound like an invitation for the average woman to weight train? Not all women are aware that these fbbs acquire their massive physiques with the aid of male hormone drugs. I have had to assure many women that they can’t get ‘that’ big unless they, too, use specific drugs and train like animals."

    "Most commonly, women complain that they can not increase their muscle mass and lose body fat. First, understand that these two processes are contradictory. Only beginners to weight training will be able to increase their muscle mass and lose bodyfat simultaneously. Even then, beginners will eventually reach a plateau where muscle gains will decrease. The body must be in a state of anabolism to grow. In other words, conditions must be optimal for the body to build tissue.

    The main criteria for increasing muscle mass are:

    a sound training regime,
    a diet that supplies the caloric level and right macro/micronutrients for anabolic growth,
    recovery and rest.
    If these factors are not optimal, no supplement in the world will add on muscle mass like magic. Steroids will not compensate for poor training and nutrition."

    Interesting article check it out

    "I love the way you look at me, I love the way you smack my ass, I love the dirty things you do when I take control of you"
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    the thing you are expressing ok, i also excemine the on fully to know all details. any way its a nice post. all the best
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