Your Mind Is the Most Important Bodypart!!
by Cory T. Taylor

By far the most important factor in accomplishing your
goal is YOUR MIND. Whether it is to loose weight, cut-up
your body, or build more muscle..It all boils down to
your mentality...

Here are several factors that help keep your mind focused:

Be Specific and Real

Observe Your Behavior

Develop a Support System

Expect The Worse

Be Specific and Be Real

Before any steps are taken on a workout regimen, you have
to be specific about what it is that you want to achieve.
You also have to be real with yourself and set realistic
goals. Saying your gonna loose 20 lbs is not gonna happen
unless you are real with yourself in knowing that you have
to exercise and eat better. The Supplement that you will
take will not work on its own.

Observe Your Behavior

This may be the second, third, or tenth time that you have
tried to accomplish your goal. However many time you have
tried to meet this goal, look back and see what made you
fall off. Every experience is a learning experience.
Also, learn your triggers. For example, you may have a
habit of eating something late at night before you go to
bed...even if your not hungry!! Break yourself from that
habit with your mind. Another example, during your workout
you may cut down your reps on a machine because someone
else is waiting for the machine. In that case, ask them if
they want to work in...don't cut yourself short. Also,
DON'T BE INTIMIDATED by anyone in the gym... I often see
people move off of a machine because some muscle bound dude
wants to use the machine... One thing to remember they
have been where you are!! They have gotten to there level
because they stuck with there program and/or utilized fat
burner, protein, creatine, and/or, prohormone supplements.

Develop a Support System

You can use several tactics to keep your mind focused on
your goal. To name a few...let everyone know what you are
going to do, keep a visual diary, or get a workout partner.
You tend to have some accountability on yourself when you
let your friends know that you are going to eat better to
meet your goal. When your at that favorite restaurant your
friends can help you by saying things like "Your Gonna Eat
That".. "I thought you were gonna eat healthier." This is
if you have good friends! If not try a visual diary. One
idea is to take a cam and take a picture of yourself every
2-3 weeks...this way your can see some progression. This
will definitely keep you focused. A workout partner is
another good idea. Preferably, it should be someone more
advanced than you...someone who can help you and guide you.

Expect the Worse

There will be those who don't understand what your drive to
obtain your goal. We all have friends who don't care about
there physical appearance or about what they eat. You have
to train your mind to ignore these things and stay on your
path. There will also be times when you don't want to work
out. Intuitively, you know when in it is best to rest or
fight that feeling of laziness. Make sure you recover from
a strenuous workout. There are Recovery Supplements that
help that process.

In conclusion, you need to know that there are ups and
downs associated when your on the road of obtaining the
body of your dreams. Don't give up and stay consistent!!