Metabolic Syndrome
by Befit Times Magazine

Do you know what bugs me? The teasers they have on
the radio to get you to listen to their station. I heard
one the other day that talked about "Metabolic Syndrome"
concerning your waistline. So I waited. After ten
minutes, the news snippet said, "If you are male and
have a waistline greater than forty inches, or if you are a
female with an above thirty-five-inch waistline you are at
a health risk. Furthermore, if you have high blood
pressure, high blood sugar, or a low HDL level your risk
for heart attack increases by 2-3 times". The news item
closed with suggestions on what to do if you suffer from
Metabolic Syndrome. Are you sitting down? Their
solution: diet and exercise. That's it. That's all the
radio station said.

Well, if you have a protruding waistline (or know
someone who does) and you heard that same radio
message, fear not. There are a few lifestyle changes
that you can implement today to avert Metabolic
Syndrome. You can call them: STEPS to success.

S = Stop Smoking. This may be an obvious one, but I
had to include it. If you've tried to quit smoking and had
little success, drop me an e-mail and I'll tell you a
proven method.

T = Take a Walk. Take the stairs instead of the
elevator/escalator. If you normally take the stairs, try
two steps at a time. Park that extra distance from the
supermarket entrance instead of finding the parking
space closest to the door. Walk your dog. No dog?
Walk yourself or your spouse (forget the leash). Do you
see a common theme here? Move your body!!!

E = Eat Small Meals. Meals containing protein that are
about the size of a salad plate are a huge metabolic
boost. Why? Because it takes lots of energy to break
down protein foods that you eat. I say "eat" because
protein shakes are less efficient at speeding
metabolism. The big-four protein foods are: eggs, fish,
poultry, and lean red meats.

P = Put the Fork Down~ three hours before going to
bed. Insulin levels peak just before going to bed.
Translation? If you eat a sugary or starchy food close to
bedtime your body is much better at turning it into fat by

S = Switch to Smart Balance. Smart Balance is a butter
substitute that is proven to improve your cholesterol
levels. It can be found in any supermarket and tastes
just like butter. Smart Balance also makes cooking oil,
cooking spray, and shortening.

These steps are simple and easy (with the exception of
quitting smoking), and are a bit more specific than just
"diet and exercise." Trying to incorporate all of them into
your lifestyle at once may be difficult. So take baby
steps and try a new one each week. Say goodbye to
Metabolic Syndrome.

By Bob Seale - Staff Writer for Befit Times Magazine