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Thread: My wife wants to do

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    Default My wife wants to do

    a cycle it will be here first time and shs very excited

    i was thinking anavar 5mg and maybe winny 2mg or just the anavr to start..

    do women get dramati results like men do?

    what about a pct for girls?

    does the clit go back to normal if it even gets bigger?

    how long menstral cycle gets back to norm?

    shes on birth control now should she stop?

    thanks and have some rep if you can help -

    maybe post some example women cycles please :loveyou

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    I don't know if you're still after this information?

    My girlfriend has done a few cycles some time ago now. (Doesn't do them anymore, didn't like getting bigger!)

    Women don't get dramatic results like men do. Sadly.

    No PCT required.

    Depends on dosage and time on. (My girlfriends did).

    I don't know. My GF has the injectable contraceptive, so no menstral cycles.



    Light single oral. 10 weeks of 10mg of winny ED. (Or 15mg Oxandrolone ED).

    Moderate single oral. 10 weeks of 20mg of winny ED. (Or 25mg Oxandrolone ED).

    Heavy single oral. 10 weeks of 30mg winny ED. (Or 35mg Oxandrolone ED).


    Light. 25mg Winny EOD. (Or 100mg per week of Methenolone).

    Moderate. 50mg winny EOD. (Or 200mg per week of Methenolone).

    Heavy. (Can you guess?) 50mg Winny ED. (Or 300mg per week of Methenolone).

    A heavy oral two steroid stack:

    10 weeks of 15mg winny tabs ED and 15mg oxandrolone ED.

    An injectable and oral two steroid stack:

    10 weeks of 50mg per week of Deca and 10mg ED of winny tabs.

    A heavy injectable two steroid stack:

    10 weeks of 100mg per week of Deca and 20mg ED of winny tabs.

    Hope that helps.

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    Wow, did she have any sides from any of them??

    Stay Strong~~!!!

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